Thank you so much for taking the time you consider me for your special event. I am a very professional person to work with and am extremely timely with questions via email or phone. I will do everything to make sure that your special day goes perfectly!



My rate for solo cello is $180 per hour* for venues in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, and Westside neighborhoods. For events outside of these areas, there is an additional travel fee. I have a one hour minimum and offer increments of 30 minutes thereafter.

I play a combination of classical, romantic, Spanish and modern arrangements and look forward to providing your event with beautiful music!

*when paying by check. For Paypal, there is a $10 fee.

Special Events

After we confirm the date and time, I will ask if you have any special musical requests. I have a huge selection of music and am a pro at finding just the right piece to set the mood. You can make a request, suggest certain styles, or just leave the work up to me! I always make sure to send a confirmation email the day before the event.



I love all kinds of love! I am available for all types of religious, non-religious, traditional, and non-traditional weddings. I have played at hundreds of weddings and can even help you with wedding questions if you don’t have a planner and need some additional insight.

After we confirm the date and time of your wedding, I will send you a list of songs to choose from for the processional, recessional and any other special moments you may have. I have all of the classic weddings songs in my repertoire and many more for you to choose from.


Traditional Ceremony Schedule

I often play for the prelude while guests are getting seated so that they have something enjoyable to listen to while they are waiting for the bride and groom. I pick songs from my vast collection of music that suit the mood of the crowd but you are welcome to send me requests.

For large wedding parties (typically more than 5 couples), you can pick out a special song for them and a separate one for the bride to walk down the aisle to. If you have a small bridal party, one song is usually appropriate. Slow songs are great as they remind the bride to walk very elegantly so that everyone can bask in her beauty!

Recessional songs are played right as the officiant introduces the new happy couple to the audience. There is always a lot of clapping and it is wonderful to have a joyous, moving song to walk back down the aisle to and into your new life together!

Classical music is a great choice for a relaxed and classy reception or cocktail hour. It’s a nice sequeway while people are relaxing before the DJ takes over to start a festive night of dancing.


Special Requests

Have a favorite rock, pop, soul, R&B, piano song (etc.!) that you would just love to walk down the aisle to? I can make a custom cello arrangement for you and either play solo or with the recording for your big day. I can take most special requests with at least 30 days notice and a $200 fee that covers my time to compose, learn and record your favorite song. I will make a recording of the piece and send it to you before your big day so that you can listen and enjoy it. Some artists I have covered for the processional and recessional are Pearl Jam, Katy Perry, Yiruma, Lana del Rey and the Pixies to name a few.


Setup Requirements

I have a very simple setup and only request that you place a regular sized chair without arms where you would like me to be seated.

I usually play acoustic unless you request otherwise. The cello is a very loud instrument and has a beautiful natural sound that is dark and rich. It carries well outside and sounds absolutely gorgeous in acoustically tailored buildings like churches and synagogues.